Friday, June 13, 2008

Mornings and Movies

Lula woke up unusually early this morning, so I had the bright idea to take her for a walk. I used to go on summer morning walks with Lumpyhead if he woke up early enough, taking advantage of the pleasant A.M. temperatures before the DC heat becomes unbearable.

I thought I might even stop by the bakery and pick up a few pastries - a nice wake-up surprise for Bump and Lumpyhead - so I stuffed fifteen bucks into Lula's pocket and off we went. (Yes, Lula's pocket. Maternity clothes have no pockets, so I've resorted to carrying my shit around in my children's clothes. Note to burglars: target the toddler.)

I deemed the big stroller unnecessary, so Lula and I walked to my car to get the umbrella stroller. While we were there, I decided I should move the car to a closer parking space so my lazy ass could enjoy the convenience when I left for work later. Plus, we were going on this walk now, so I earned it.

As I approached a fantastic Kojak spot, a garbage truck snuck in and blocked it. (Doh!) At this point I could have turned around and pulled into a less Kojak space, idled until the garbage truck moved in a few minutes, or kept driving until I mysteriously found myself in front of the Dunkin Donuts.


I mean, see how nimble I am? I have the startling ability to change my plans spontaneously like that. Roll with the punches. Go with the flow.

$15.20 later, I had 6 doughnuts, 25 doughnut holes, and 2 coffees. Thank goodness for Lula's fifteen bucks and the change drawer in my car.


Some thoughts on coming attractions, since we're All Things Movie around here suddenly:

1. I won't deny that I want to lick salt off Ed Norton's chest, drink tequila out of his navel, then bite the lime wedge held gingerly between his teeth; but I don't think even he can make the new Hulk movie worth seeing. Will someone go watch it and tell me if I'm right?

2. After hearing M. Night Shyamalan on NPR's Science Friday, the geek in me is interested in his new movie. But I don't really like suspense or slasher movies, so if the film is just a collection of scenes meant to make the audience jump, scream, or wet its pants, I don't want to see it. (My children find ways to humiliate me on a daily basis, I don't need to walk out of a theater with dripping undies.) Do I want to see The Happening?

3. I scored a babysitter for Hancock in July. The non-mercenary kind of babysitter, who will accept love and gratitude instead of $15/hour. GO ME.

4. I realize that not every movie outing needs to set our household back by $250, so don't use that metric to judge whether or not I want to see these other movies. For example, we only spent $16 for the SATC outing, with its free babysitter and matinée tickets. Hell, a morning walk with your baby costs that much.


xdm said...

I've met Edward Norton. (I worked with his Dad.) Nice, SMART, genuine, kind. That being said, I think I hcould have broken him over my knee. (Note: this was post American History X and more ROunders years. he had lost the bulk.)

Em said...

Ed Norton is HOT.

Molly said...

I feel so precisely the same way as you about E.N. (as do a fair number of your readers, evidently.)

Misfit Hausfrau said...

I don't think I will RENT the Hulk. I can't even imagine.

vuboq said...

Ann Hornaday (sp?) gave The Hulk a good review in the WaPo. I still think it's a wait-'til-it-comes-out-DVD kinda flick.