Monday, June 16, 2008

I Blew Through $50,000 On Saturday. You?

Bump bought a minivan on Saturday. We planned to wait until we settled into the new house, but
1) who knows when that great event will happen;
2) we will definitely need the van by the time Baby 3 arrives, and that event is somewhat date-certain;
3) we are taking a trip to SC at the end of the month. Bump didn't think his jeep would make it, and we certainly couldn't fit everything into my Civic.

So, we pulled the trigger. Bump employed Esther the Daytime Babysitter last Thursday and went shopping. He found a 2004 Odyssey with low mileage, no funny smells, and a DVD player. He went back and bought it on Saturday.

The van is nearly the same color Bump's jeep was. The interior is exactly the same color. Bump kept his old tags, so it's like his jeep simply morphed into a van.

Lumpyhead is very entertained by the automatic sliding doors. "Whooaa! They open and close and everything! Whoa!" He's gonna lose his shit when we show him the DVD player.


Our condo is now under contract. WOOT! (We didn't spend $50k on just a minivan.) We sold it for 10% less than the original listing price, but got to spend Sunday without worrying about last-minute showings.

Bump's not sure what to do with himself today, now that he doesn't have to keep the house clean. I'm just happy to have trash cans again. (Can anyone tell me why trash cans are so offensive to potential house-buyers? Why must a staged house have no trash cans? Wait, don't tell me. I don't care. I don't HAVE to care anymore. Whoo hoo!)


So. We have a van. We have a buyer. Now we just need a house.


Oh! Also. In the middle of blowing through $50,000 we went to a children's concert. It was about 1000 times less hideous than I thought it was going to be. Lula was wiggly the whole time and Lumpyhead just stood there staring like a drunk at a strip joint, but I think they had fun. Most importantly, I did not spend the entire time wanting to shove a pen in my eyeball, which is how I expected to spend the concert.

Probably because the performer was kinda hot.

Because I'm completely inappropriate, let me say that this cherubic children's entertainer can get right up there on the body shot table after Edward Norton hops off. Just saying.


Michele said...

I love my Odyssey. I would do body shots off of it.

Julie said...

I LOVE Steve, for his value as a keep-the-kids-busy-while-I-clean-up-broken-glass tool, but I have never seen his picture.

All that and looks, too? I had no idea.

Congrats on the condo and the minivan!

mcfartingtons said...

Glad to hear about the condo & mini-van. That show seems a little better than the Jack Hartmann show I recently sat through. There is nothing hot about Jack.

Em said...

You won't regret the Odyssey purchase. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on the house hunting front.