Monday, May 12, 2008

The Proud Parenting Moments, They Just Keep Coming

Lula will not abide kitchen towels hanging on the oven handle. She pulls them down immediately.

As I was getting Lumpyhead some juice this morning, he picked up the towel Lula had just flung on the floor and said "Oh Baby," in the best put-upon voice I've ever heard. As he pitched the towel onto the counter, he grumbled "Shit."

"What was that, Sweetie?" I asked, certain I had heard him wrong.

"I said shit," he muttered.

Well then, there you go.

Given the intonation, Bump and I are fairly certain that Lumpyhead is parroting his father. Because when I say "shit," I say it with more alarm. Also, Bump is pretty sure he calls Lula a Little Shit every time he has to pick up a towel off the floor.


Lumpyhead wore the surfer shirt today. He selected it out of his drawer himself. As I was putting it on him, he said "I LOVE this shirt."

Dude, if he hadn't just busted out with "shit," I would have been really annoyed.


De in D.C. said...

Do not take this as a sign to purchase more surfer shirts. My then 6yo, after refusing to wear anything but elastic-waist pants for the previous 2 years, decided that he liked jeans and only wanted to wear jeans to school. Fine, he had two pairs, so I'd be doing laundry a bit more frequently, but I could manage. The following fall (this past Sept.) I purchased four pairs of jeans for the start of the school year. I now have four pairs of jeans that still have tags on them because the kid refuses to wear anything that isn't elastic-waist.

p-man said...

Ms. Fancy is big on the lord and his damnatory powers. Looks like I'm wearing this one, God damn it.

Michele said...

You dont know how much this post has made my day. As the mother of the "Fuck it" brothers, I was really feeling like Tom and I are the only parents who have to deal with kids who have the vocab of frat boys.

How did you handle it? Just ignore? We are trying that, but after the third or fourth "Fuck it" in a row from the playroom, we feel like we should do SOMETHING to curb it.

Aunt Bob said...

I told little guy this week that he could pick the clothes and dress himself. Otherwise, Mommy picks.

Having the little guy has really cleaned up my mouth. My current favorite of his is "aw nuts." I am convinced that I have never, ever said "aw nuts." So if little guy can pick that up at school, I choose to blame the "shit" on school, too.

Em said...

I distinctly remember my Mom telling me not to say "shit." I am not sure how old I was but I was neighbors with Auntlyh, so I was older than 2 but younger than 6.

I'm pretty sure LH beat me to the punch.

Auntly H said...

Em, did you learn it from my mom? she always used the defense that it was better I hear such things from her than be shocked by it in the cruel, cruel world.

Nancy said...

My little girl Rosie (who is 3) has been muttering "Jesus Christ!" under her breath lately. Totally appropriate in the context of what's going on (she says it when frustrated) but I cringe every time and give her dad a little punch.

(The latter is probably not too wise a move, because next she'll be saying Jesus Christ as she whales on her sister.) ;-)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Ian's new one is ass.

I think we let him watch too much "Futurama".

bozoette said...

When he was 2, my son came out with "Come on, asshole!" in the car when his dad leaned on the horn to communicate with a stupid driver. Now that's he's 26, he just flips on the lights and siren and pulls the offenders over.