Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Next Lesson: We Don't Unplug the Lamp When We're Supposed to be SLEEPING

We decided to wait to transition Lumpyhead to a big kid bed until after the move. We even have a kick-ass race car bed waiting at a friend's house for that fateful day, whenever that might be.

Our plan changed yesterday when during naptime, Bump went in three times to find Lumpyhead out of his crib, handing the baby things or taunting her. Lumpyhead willingly showed Bump his escape technique - which was pretty graceful - and had re-entry not proved so tricky, Lumpyhead might have kept his newfound freedom a secret for a little while longer.

The first thing Lumpyhead told me when I came home last night was "I climb out of my bed, Mama!" Awesome, Little Man. Awesome.

Bump converted Lumpyhead's crib to a toddler bed. Lula immediately climbed into it, stood up, and started jumping. Then she hauled every member of Lumpyhead's Paci Posse - those night time toys she usually can't reach - into the living room. I'm pretty sure that was just to bug her brother, because she didn't seem to want to play with them once they were there. Maybe I shouldn't assign such dark motives; it could be that she wanted to show the Paci Posse there was more to the apartment than her brother's bed.

Lumpyhead seems pretty stoked about the new arrangement. I've heard there are toddlers who treat their big kid beds like islands - even though they can get out of them, they don't.

Lumpyhead isn't one of those kids. I have good reason to suspect he spent the entire night playing with the electrical outlets in his room.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

This could seriously free up some of that time previously spent by the adults fetching Thomas or Percy or James.

De in D.C. said...

Good luck. Let us know when Lumpyhead learns how to crawl into the baby's bed during naptime to play with her.

Violet said...

ooh...and that's exactly why I don't want my daughter shifting from cot to bed any time soon - the electrical outlets, the heater and the door to the master bedroom.

Em said...

To this day Lucy has never gotten out of her big girl bed. BUT, it's not as good as it sounds - she will wail for my attention instead of just coming to get me, and damn, is she loud.