Thursday, May 29, 2008

Proof of Shelf Life

The Cookie abides.
For now, at least.

It is certainly not out of danger. It still has to make it through the day. I wouldn't consider it Lumpyhead's yet.

Oh, and it occurred to me yesterday that I didn't buy a cookie for Lula.

So today's question is: Should I go buy another one this afternoon, or should I make Lumpyhead share this cookie?


ktjrdn said...

If you eat it neither one would be the wiser...

De in D.C. said...

I was thinking the same thing as ktjrdn... If you insist on bringing it home, make them share. Otherwise one will be fresher than the other, then you'd just have to eat the stale one and make them share the fresh one anyway.

Anne said...

Dang! You are a strong woman.

Go buy two more. "Give" the current one to the inside baby, and take home one fresh one each for Lula and Lumpyhead.

Mom sacrifice = eating the day-old cookie ... but notice how mom still gets to eat the cookie!

Have you thought of an L nickname for the new baby yet?

Larry? Lyle? Lucky?

Nancy said...

You have to eat that one.

And then buy two next time.

bozoette said...

Damn! Anne and I are thinking along the same lines, but I think the inside baby deserves two cookies. So eat the day-old cookie, then buy three cookies!

Anonymous said...

I think Bump should learn to make those cookies. Tell him it is a test to see if he truly loves you and the kids.

Em said...

I totally thought that cookie was going down.