Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunday Turned Out To Be A Very Bloggable Day

After the Raisiny Toe Nibbling Scratch, Lumpyhead actually donned the Hat of Wrong.

While he’s usually reluctant to wear anything on his head, lately Lumpyhead has been asking Bump to put the armrest covers from one of our chairs on his head. The armrest covers were Lumpyhead’s nemesis for awhile - every time he would spot them in their regular position he would claw them down. They could be on the floor, in the chair’s seat, or in a crumpled heap on an end table, but god forbid they be on the arms of the chair.

Now, they only serve one purpose: headgear.

When Lumpyhead walks around the house with the armrest covers on his head, we think he looks like a little Pharaoh.
“Oh look, here comes Amenhotep.”

The Hat of Wrong has been floating around the toy bins since I put it on Baby Tad. On Sunday night, Lumpyhead decided he wanted to wear it.

He would leave the room to check himself out in the mirror in the hall, laugh at his reflection, then return to the room.

That hat is so bad, a 17-month-old recognizes it as ridiculous.

If the armrest cover is a Pharaoh headdress, the Hat of Wrong is an Amish bonnet.

Bump: He looks like Kelly McGillis in Witness.


Em said...

So seriously cute in all of his behaviors, I don't know where to begin.

But I feel his pain when that first girl friend comes over to meet you all. "Remember when he put the raisins in his toes." "Yeah, and the arm chair cover on his head." He is cute now, but Lumpyhead will pay.

Anonymous said...

All hail Pharoah Lumpyhead!

stefanierj said...

He looks so earnest in the whole Pharoh role--marching around, enslaving people and building pyramids and whatnot. Of course, I guess "toddler" is really just another way of saying "God King," innit?