Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Erection Day

Heh heh. God I'm an infantile jerk.

There was this very odd man at the polls, complaining loudly about how he was going to miss his bus. It was the 75 bus, from Columbia Pike, and it left at nine o'clock. I know these details because the dude kept repeating them.

At first I thought he just had a very loud mutter, then I thought he was angling for someone to let him cut the line, then I came to the conclusion he was nuts.

"I'm gonna miss my bus. It's the 75 bus, and I have to catch it on Columbia Pike. It leaves at 9. If I miss it, I get into work a half an hour later."

Finally, a poll worker smiled at Batshit Bus Guy and said, "But at least you get to vote." It quieted him for about 45 seconds.

"I'm gonna miss my bus. It's the 75 bus. I'm gonna miss it because I'm waiting in this line."

Lumpyhead voted with me and Bump, although he got much more attention when he was voting with Bump. "Awww, look at the baby." "He's helping to push the buttons." "He's the youngest voter we've had today."

No one noticed when Lumpyhead voted first, with me.
I think Lumpyhead gets more attention when he's with Bump. I can't decide if it's a guy thing (eh, mom with kid, no big deal. But dad with kid . . . let's see if he drops it), a race thing (Asian woman = invisible), or a resemblance thing (while Bump is clearly Lumpyhead's dad, I'm starting to think I could pass for the nanny. The guy taking the exit poll remarked on how much Lumpyhead looked like Bump while I was filling out the survey).

Or maybe it was because the voters in line could see Lumpyhead over the voting machine when he was voting with Bump.
It could also be that Bump took the photo of Lumpyhead and me discreetly, while I was busy futzing with flash and standing in the middle of the room taking the picture. But I think I got a better picture, and really, isn't that what matters?

I Got Yer Poopy Fog Right Here

When Nonlinear Girl said that she missed getting an "I voted" sticker, I offered to send her mine. Unfortunately, I realized she would get it a few days after Election Day, when it might be odd to walk around wearing an "I voted" sticker. Also, the sticker I got today said "I voted in Arlington" which probably wouldn't do her much good, either.

So, this is the best I can do. Here's your sticker, Nonlinear:

As we took this photo (and I took part in the exit poll), Batshit Bus Guy hustled by. "His vote counts, too." Bump reminded me. I don't know if that made me feel better or worse.


Kemp said...

There's one in every precint... in every polling place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, I feel much better now. I really do wish my ballot came with a sticker, but the photo of your guys with their stickers is a pretty darn good consolation prize! (That and a switchover in the house will make my day.)

Mom at Work said...

What she hasn't told you is that Lumpyhead's helmet sported an "I voted in Arlington" sticker, too. Little guy got the "Future Voter" not the "I voted in Arlington." He only voted with Pete, not with me.

Suz said...

I love our polling place; we don't have a crazy bus guy but an old dalmation dog named Angus who greets each voter as they come in!

Mom at Work said...

Oh yeah. And it rocks that you got exit polled. Who for? What did they ask?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

The Goon Squad just got regular stickers. Nothing fancy.

I think Bump got more attention because you could see both of them above the voting booth. Or maybe those people just wanted to be in your picture.

Auntly H said...

I wanted to take Loyd (the dog) with me to the poll this a.m. but I was pretty sure they'd throw me out and he's not much help filing in ovals with a ball-point pen. The guy registering new voters complimented me on my "Registered Voter" button from Righteous Babe Records. Made my day.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Aunt Bob: It was an Asian American exit poll. I think they were there last time I voted, too. The poll was basically asking if I had any trouble voting, needed a translator, etc. I'm probably not really their target demographic, what with my English-only language needs.

I don't know if that explains why the poll taker thought Lumpyhead looked like Bump, or if I should be doubly offended.

E :) said...

Niiiice sticker.

Michelle said...

Maybe it's just me but I think Lumpyhead looks more like you than Bump. And I have to vote for Bump being tall as the reason for noticing him-- he's pretty hard to ignore especially with such a cute baby six feet off the ground.

Anonymous said...

Oh look - Chris just told me that there are tons of "I voted" photos on flickr!