Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Recap

I didn't get very many good pictures of Lumpyhead and Aunt Bob's Little Guy on Halloween, which I'm mighty bummed about.

They were ghosts. Aunt Bob made their costumes.One reason I didn't get any good pictures was because Lumpyhead really wouldn't wear his costume for very long. Another reason was that I kept trying to capture the Christmas lights we put under the tulle, and I never could get the lighting/flash/no flash thing right.
Two years ago, I made ABLG a chicken costume, and he was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately, I missed most of the fun because I was pregnant with Lumpyhead and spent the entire evening perched on the side of my bathtub. Aunt Bob and Eebie brought The Chicken over to my place, where I gave him a cuddle and some candy, watched him strut around while my heart melted, then swiftly returned to vomiting.
But how cute was he? So cute.
Last year, Lumpyhead was a lobster. ABLG was a chef, and carried around a pot to collect his candy. He would get very upset, however, if anyone suggested he might cook his trick-or-treat companion.
(This would be a great picture if it weren't for the Bud Light. Yes, I drank a Bud Light. The lapse in judgment was captured on film digital media. I'm embarrassed about it. Let's move on.)

Watching the parade of children who come by Aunt Bob's place is really fun. Even more fun is sitting on a bench, having a beer and some warm appetizers while little goblins and princesses chirp "thank you" after being prompted by their handlers.

Less fun? Chasing after a running toddler while trying to prevent him from bolting into the street, tripping over a tulle cape, or strangling himself on battery-powered Christmas lights. He didn't understand the whole "put on this funny outfit and people will give you candy" racket. Maybe he'll be more into it next year. (Yeah. Next year. When we're also hauling around a 10-month old. That'll be great. Great.)

But even less fun than that is puking all night and taking a short break to receive a pity visit from the World's Cutest Chicken.

So, this Halloween might not have been as much fun as last year, but it was much, much better than the year before that. I've got my fingers crossed for next October.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

This year The Squad totally got it.

Ian told the people "Fill it to the top." They boy loves candy.

I say you let Bump take Lumpyhead and ABLG guy out while you stay home and drink good beer and with Aqutak (I spelled that wrong didn't I? It still rhymes with Shaq Attack in my mind. Is she going to have a problem with me if I continue to call her Shaq Attack even after she is born? Even if I give her all of Claudia's punkest hand-me-downs?)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Um. Obviously I meant "The Boy".

And yes, the chicken costume (and ABLG) is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Melissa said...

Lumpyhead makes a very charming ghosty! And the chicken suit is painfully cute. How do you even make stuff with feathers?! Is there a glue gun involved? I would have used a glue gun. Which may be better than a stapler but probably still screws up the effect somehow.

Michele said...

So very, very cute.

In France. they encourage women to have a glass of red wine every day when they are pregnant, and they discourage consumption of raw vegetables. I knew France had to be good for something. Viva la Bud Light!

laurie said...

i know this is a year late, but that lumpyhead lobster is precious. i agree with sarah that you and akutaq should stay home next year and drink while bump and lumpyhead (and ablg) go raid the town.

Mom at Work said...

The chicken rocked. (Melissa -- Feathers = feather boas. No glue gun.)

I loved the pictures and enjoyed the evening.