Monday, July 24, 2006

Our Friend from Greenville

Introducing . . . (bum bum bum buh BAH)
I have no idea what we're calling it yet.

Lumpyhead was "Ted Nugent" before he was born. "Uncle Ted." "The Nuge." "Nugie." My brother suggested it. Ron was surprisingly pumped up about getting a nephew, and it was a nod to him for being a rock star uncle. My brother is a big Ted Nugent fan, more so for the hunting than for the rocking, and it was the first thing out of his mouth when I mentioned we were discussing names for the tadpole in utero. I thought it would be funny for two East Coast liberals to call their unborn child Ted Nugent.

My sister-in-law suggested Taz at the time, which I also thought was a good candidate. Taz is definitely the leader in the clubhouse for this one, but I'm open to other ideas. You got a good one?

For example, Aunt Bob has taken to calling it "Our Friend from Greenville." The reference is a long story involving Pete, a South Carolina State Society picnic, and Senator Strom Thurmond. I'm tempted to let you fill in the details yourself, but it probably wouldn't be as bizarre as the actual story. (Of course, when I finally tell you the story, you'll probably be like, "oh, that's kinda boring." It's one of those "when we were first in DC" kind of stories that's grown to legend status, but upon recounting, might be really dull.)

It's too early to tell if we've got a boy or girl, but the heartbeat is good and we're told the measurements are normal, for whatever that's worth. We'll get the full results of the bloodwork and sonogram in a few days. If our risk factors are low, we're thinking about declining the amnio, but haven't made a firm decision yet.

Honestly? I'm simply relieved there's only one in there. I was more than a little worried Sarah's mojo had rubbed off on me. I live in mortal fear of multiples. (Not that they're a bad thing, they just scare the crap out of me.)

Happy note: While Blogger sucked it all day today (this post was ready to go up at 11:30am), my colleague just bought me a package of dark chocolate M&Ms. (Dark chocolate! They're good for me! I didn't even ask her to get me a snack!) She doesn't know I'm pregnant, she was just being nice. Whee!!


E :) said...

LOL. I once called a friend's bump "Cleetus" as in, "Cleetus the Foetus." That, however, may well be way too weird.

As for bump, it is already shaping up to be one cute little person. Congratulations!

P.S. How did softball go without beer? Did you cope ok?!?!?!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Hooray! She looks beautiful!

We called The Squad Ham-Bone and Randall.

You could call her Pork Chop or Danzig or Hamburglar or Willis.

Wait - don't call her Hamburglar, I'm saving that name for my dog.

You could call her Dave Mustaine. I always connect him and "The Nuge" for being the 2nd and 3rd biggest egomaniacs in music (behind Bono).

I never realized Lumpyhead had "Ted"nacity. I don't know if I'll be able to ever call him his real name again.

Becky said...

Yay! We were completely unoriginal. Called the first one Whoozit. Called the next ones Thing One and Thing Two.

Mom at Work said...

Baby Gus....or just Gus. But if you do that, you're never getting my little guy to call him anything else.

Also, totally a boy. Sarah, you will be paying out sausages.

Also, blogger thinks I am a "kgbfqn" which looks a lot like I love the KGB. I think blogger thinks I'm a communist.

Daddy L said...

It's hilarious how many of you gave your foetuses working titles. We called ours Jasper, which is where the Blog Title Jasper Chronicles comes from.

The unfortunate thing is, after The Boy was born people kept calling him Jasper.

Violet said...

you didn't get that "bum bum bum buh BAH" from Zoolander, did you?

Em said...

Ultrasound technology is amazing. Thanks for sharing the pic.

We tend to christen other peoples unborn babies with names of pro sports players we think are funny like Tebucky Jones and Lawyer Molloy or Peerless Price. Our own unborn babies were referred to ironically (since this wouldn't work for you) as "the bump" or "Zapruber Computer Bumbaluter" or "Krystalia Kate Deuteronomy." There were songs involved too. We had a lot of free time back before we had kids.

Auntly H said...

In utero, I was Ralph. I had one great-uncle who called me that until he died. Everyone else switched to my real (and gender-matched) name after I came out a girl.
D. has settled on "Nibbler" for her unborn offspring. I'm adjusting to that after choosing "Wee One" while she debated pre-birth names.

Congrats on good measurements, by the way! We architects appreciate accurate dimensions!

UpsideUp said...

yay -- congrats on a bee-yoo-tee-full ultrasound. keep up the good work. dark choc m&ms will definitely help.

zoe and lucy were fred & george, in utero. as in the redhead weasley twins from harry potter. we suspected redheads (bob & i are both of the reddISH persuasion) but we didn't realize how psychotically red they'd be. and leos too.

CPA Mom said...

Dark Chocolate M&M's?! Torturous of you to mention and not share. I am SO keeping my margaritas to myself now.

pseudostoops said...

Oh, the Dark Chocolate M&Ms! We had them in Chicago for like a month and a half, and I tried them and loved them and then got all blase about them, like "maybe I should get another bag of those because they were really good the one time I tried them- oh, I'll do that another day" and then they went away forever. I wondered what had happened to them. Now I know they moved to D.C. Harrumph.