Saturday, July 01, 2006

I've Done a Craft-Type Thingie

Tomorrow morning, we'll get on a plane headed for Minnesota. (I hear the thieves are lining up now for the chance to steal my mismatched Ikea bookshelves.) Sioux Falls, South Dakota is where we'll actually pick up our luggage, but we'll end up in Minnesota.

I decided to make Lumpyhead a shirt for tomorrow's big events. You know, aiports, sweaty parents lugging tons of crap, plane rides, ears exploding - fun stuff, all.

I figured this way, when he's wailing at the top of his lungs, the other people on the plane will remember that he's the cute little boy going to see his grandparents, and they will be less angry. Or something. Perhaps it will at least endear us to the flight attendants.

When we land, Lumpyhead will tell his grandparents our big news:

He will, of course, have already told this news to the good people on the flight from DC to Minneapolis, the ones on the flight from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, as well as a few random strangers in the DC, Minneapolis, and Sioux Falls airports.

The back of the shirt originally said "and they don't know I'm going to be a big brother," but that just seemed too cumbersome so I shortened it. I doubt anyone on our flight will blab the news to my parents before we reach them.

If he doesn't charm the flight attendants with the front of the shirt, at least the back will explain why I'm retching in the seat beside him.


nonlineargirl said...

Clever, especially the back. I love making iron-ons for Ada. It is hard to find white shirts, I have had to look all over.

daddy in a strange land said...

Are you wearing a shirt that reads:

"I'm going to visit my parents" (front)

"...and they're gonna be pissed that I didn't tell them I'm pregnant yet" (back)

? ;) Have a good trip!

moonstruckmama said...

Love the shirt! Thanks for the smile...

Auntly H said...

LOVE the shirt.

HATE that I would lose my badge using it to come and see you during your MSP layover. They really need to speed up the addition of landside venues so your friends could hold the screaming baby while you retch in peace. :)

Trish said...

Adorable shirt and a great way to tell his grandparents the great news.
I enjoyed visiting your blog, by the way. Great writing and pictures

OddMix said...

What a wonderful way to tell the family!

You know, it is funny - fussy kids on airplanes have never bothered me - even before we had ours.

Michele said...

This is the cutest idea ever. I hope to steal it someday.

hahhahahaha - Daddy in a Strange Land.

laurie said...

hope you have a great trip and that you're feeling ok. great great shirt -- can't wait to read all about the reveal!!

Mom101 said...

I think that's the greatest and something tells me your parents will agree! Can't wait to hear the follow-up.

Karin's Korner said...

I absolutly love the shirt, what a wonderful way to share your good news with your parents.
I am a Minnesota girl also. I am now in NC and miss Mn. big time.
I am very familiar with MSP and I have been close to Souix Falls. I was wondering just where in Mn are you headed? I have relatives in Foston and McIntosh just to name a few places and they are near the Dakota line...well kind of.
Hope your trip goes well. God Bless.

Dutch said...

this was awesome.

now I expect to see pictures of LH in a Dutch klompen outfit after he gets home, now that I know he is venturing into the belly of the beast.