Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Five Things

Daddy in a Strange Land tagged me (and I was so gonna tag him on the next meme I got, because he said he'd never been tagged, but now I can't. The next one is coming your way, though, DISL)

Five items in my freezer
  1. a six pack of mint dilly bars from DQ
  2. a lone snickers ice cream bar [which Bump and I are both daring the other to eat, so the one who doesn't get it can complain about how s/he didn't get the last ice cream novelty]
  3. fruit popsicles [for when I'm feeling nauseous, but of course they totally lose out to the high-calorie frozen treats]
  4. two frozen pizzas
  5. two containers of vanilla ice cream [I sent Bump to the store for root beer float fixings, because I needed a root beer float immediately, and he came back with two because ice cream was on sale. And we obviously needed more ice cream.]
Things that used to always be in my freezer but aren't there any more:
  • the freezer bowl for the ice cream maker, so we could make homemade ice cream at a moment's notice [no room after the breast milk fiasco, and we haven't put it back in yet]
  • breastmilk [All done with that. (Woo hoo!) For now, anyway. (urmph.)]
  • martini glasses [sob]
Five items in the closet
  1. maternity clothes that don't fit yet
  2. clothes from a few months ago that don't fit anymore
  3. clothes from before I was pregnant the first time that don't fit yet
  4. seven pairs of birkenstocks I wear all the damn time
  5. two pairs of Ferragamos I wear absolutely never
Five items in the car
  1. Lumpyhead's car seat
  2. some sad-ass geriatric over-the-face "sunglasses" I got from the optometrist the last time I had my eyes dilated. I keep meaning to throw them out or put them on to make Bump laugh
  3. an ADC Washington DC area map book
  4. a windshield sunshade
  5. a raggedy kleenex box
In the trunk, I've got our softball gloves, a comforter (for sitting on at softball), two ice scrapers, a wiffle ball set, and an emergency kit.

Five items in my backpack
(it's a briefcase, but whatever)
  1. wallet
  2. checkbooks
  3. blackberry
  4. free toothbrush and floss from my last dentist visit
  5. dice, cards, and a cribbage board
Five people I tag
  1. Sarah
  2. Tammy
  3. Aunt Bob
  4. Em
  5. Auntly H


daddy in a strange land said...

Hah! Got you first! ;)

And damn, do you have a lot of frozen dessert stuff in your freezer!

Um, must've missed that thing about BREAST MILK ICE CREAM! (Was it good?)

(Remind me, if you ever visit us in godforsaken Bako, to make you the mojito ice cream I made when I tried to salvage my first batch of too-strong fresh mint ice cream by adding lime juice and rum and re-mixing it--actually, nobody really liked it 'cause it was too strong all around, but you'd probably like it!)

nonlineargirl said...

That would never happen in my house. My husband does not care if I complain, he'll eat all the frozen treats. I am sometimes forced to eat a frozen treat when I don't reallly want one, just to get my fair share.

weigook saram said...

I hear you on the clothes that don't fit. My closet is full of them.

Auntly H said...

Done. So is Em.