Monday, February 06, 2006

So Please, Give Generously

NPR is holding a pledge drive. I just can’t bear to listen to familiar NPR personalities sound like they’re on the home shopping network, so I’m left with the barren radioscape that is Washington, DC.

DC is Clear Channel’s bitch, so I have my choice among several radio stations that will bring me crapulent pop music sandwiched between a gang of chirping morons. It makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

Yes, I’m old.

I feel like once I’ve made my annual donation, I shouldn’t have to listen to the pledge drives anymore. I don’t want a coffee mug or a tote bag, I want a secret passcode that gives me my radio back.

I’m always mildly horrified by the NPR extortion, reminding me how important they are to me by withholding programming. And the blatant “shorten our next pledge drive by giving today” tactic astounds me. Is that even legal? Is “Make a pledge today or the bunny gets it” next?

I have a Sirius radio at home, which I could take in the car with me if I’d just remember it in the mornings. But I can barely get out of the house in shoes that match, so that seems like a pipe dream.

Which leaves me stuck listening to Steve Inskeep browbeat me into submission.

1 comment:

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

The Pledge Drive - my nemesis.

You're not kidding about DC radio. I don't even know how you found a station that plays music, unless you want to hear an eight year old Cake song.

The radio here is killing me.

I've got to get an ipod.