Monday, February 13, 2006

Go Sawks!

Lumpyhead is forever losing his socks. If he's not pulling them off to suck on them, he's kicked them off. We're always looking down to find one or both of his socks missing.

I don't think he hates wearing them, it's just that pulling them off is so blasted fun. We've tried several different brands, the only difference seems to be the number of seconds it takes for Lumpyhead to remove them. Old Navy socks are off in about two seconds, and then are easy to kick off because they're all stretched out. Target socks stay on for about ten seconds, but Lumpyhead rubs his feet together twice and they're gone. Baby Gap socks? There's no point in putting those on his feet - might as well just throw one on the floor and stick the other one in his mouth directly from the drawer.

Oh, and forget about shoes. Lumpyhead cannot be distracted from the deliciousness of shoes. If you show him a toy, he'll forget about his socks for awhile, but if there are shoes on his feet, nothing is more interesting.

1 comment:

Dutch said...

TRUMPETTES! They're expensive, but they stay on.