Thursday, February 23, 2006

Reasons Why I'm Kinda Dumb

I thunked my head against the steering wheel on the drive home because:

1. I have no free notecards from Shutterfly.

I've been using Shutterfly to send photos of Lumpyhead to my mom. I had been printing pictures on my photo printer and mailing them to her, but the postal service took like a week to deliver the prints, and it would torture her to know I sent photos but she didn't have them yet. Shutterfly is only slightly more expensive, the prints are good quality, and the pix don't take much longer to arrive than my photos did. The nice people at Shutterfly offered me a free gift: twelve notecards with a photo of my choice, I only had to pay for the shipping.

That offer expired on Monday.


2. I should be more careful with work emails.

I wrote this in an email today: "Monkeys will fly out of the Vice President's butt and shoot ten old men in the face with their monkey shotguns before [that happens]."

And then I hit send.

And now "monkey shotguns" is a new buzzword.

Granted, the email was sent to someone who realizes that I find hunting accidents tragic and have only the utmost respect for our simian brothers (especially those with firearms). And the people for whom it has become a buzzword are young and silly and find it amusing.

But it's not exactly fostering the "I'm a seasoned professional" image that I seek.

Okay, in truth the Shutterfly thing is bugging me more than the monkey shotguns thing. I was raised Dutch, after all. This is killing me. They were free. That's $9.95 that I just pissed away by being forgetful.

Yes, I know, that's less than the Unused Gym Membership.

And as Buttmunch would say, "Free shit is still shit."

But notecards would have been cool! I mean, for zero dollars, it's better to have notecards than to not have notecards, right?


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