Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Deficits, Schmeficits

Yeah, so that whole "I won't be blogging much"? Turns out that was a great big lie.

So, the federal deficit for 2006 will be $423 billion dollars. Kinda makes you feel better about your checkbook, eh?

The deficit I'm worried about, though, is Bump's sleep deficit. These long days have turned me into a total absentee parent. I get home from work at midnight, play with Lumpyhead for maybe an hour, then go to sleep. Bump told me he had a long nap with Lumpyhead on Monday afternoon, but I'm afraid he's going to end up sick unless he gets more sleep.

What else? We have a little candy dish in the dining room with M&Ms in it. Bump has been methodically eating only one color at a time. It's a little OCD, but it's kinda funny to come home and see that all the orange ones are gone. Then the reds.

My plan: buy a pack of M&Ms at work and slip a couple of the missing colors back into the bowl. This will either: 1) drive Bump nuts, 2) confuse the hell out of him, or 3) convince him he's not doing a thorough job when attempting to make a color extinct.

Or he'll be on to me immediately.

1 comment:

Dutch said...

I'm just amazed that he can play at midnight without being super pissed off. you must have an interesting sleep schedule going.

what are you doing until midnight (my guess is keeping track of all the domestic programs that bushy is cutting funds from).