Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Verizon FAIL

When we moved last time, our phone service didn't move with us. We were told it would, but it didn't.

So we were pleasantly surprised when our phone service moved with us, as we requested, this time.

Of course, our internet connection didn't make it.

I'm annoyed - even more so because Verizon is going to take TEN DAYS to restore the service - but hey, you know what? Verizon is giving me dial-up service in the meantime.

Dial. Up.

So, in the time it will take to connect to the internet and send Aunt Bob an email, I could walk to her house, write her a letter, fashion a lovely envelope from hand-made paper, tap one of Aunt Bob's trees for some sap to use to stick the note to the door, then walk back home.

Except I don't even remember how to use dial-up. Don't I need an access number or something? When I asked the helpful Verizon agent about it, she told me "We sent you an email with instructions."

HAH. Ha ha ha ha hah.

Really. You have to laugh about that. Or you can write a pissy post about it using your blackberry.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

If I didn't love my internet connection so much I would say all cable/phone/isp providers could rot in hell.

Thank the Gods for smart phones.

Anonymous said...

bwhahahaha! So true. /tears

Laura said...

I love smart people! Sounds like Verizon hired my roommate's ex girlfriend though. When my roommate broke up with his girlfriend, She put his phone in our mailbox for him. After wondering where his phone was for a week, he finally went up to her to ask where his phone was. She said, "it's in the mailbox, I sent you a text to let you know" I love it!

mo-wo said...

I have of late come the realization technology is a lot more strenuous than we thing.

But based on that how are my biceps still so flabby?

mo-wo said...

than we think. duh.