Friday, July 24, 2009

Right. Next You're Going to Tell Me That Wonkette Lives Around the Corner and Dooce Lives Three Doors Down

I've spent the last two Friday nights on my front porch, drinking with the neighbors. My new neighbors rock.

Our across-the-street neighbors have a son named Corey. When Corey was little, his favorite colors were pink and brown. Except he would never say "brown" in his normal tone, he would growl it in a low voice. "Pink and browwwn."

Corey's dad told me this, which you might think is a strange thing to learn about your neighbors' child - except that it's not. Because immediately after finding out our neighbor's name was Steve, Lumpyhead felt it was important to learn Steve's favorite color. Lumpyhead announced that his favorite colors were purple and pink.

Steve said his son liked pink, too.

And the story about growling "brown" just flowed naturally from there.


After much cajoling, I joined Facebook last Thursday. I've spent the last week re-connecting with old friends.

Billy lives in Roanoke and teaches 8th grade Civics. He was impressed that I still remembered verse two of Beef Beer Shit Log, the song he sang with his punk band. Alisa is teaching too, she's a professor of Spanish at a college in the Midwest. Jen is still in DC; so is Francine. It seems Jen is a Yankees fan now - erm, bummer - and Francine's son Corey is very cute. They apparently like Star Wars. And look, photos from Corey's sixth birthday party and -- OH MY GOD THERE ARE MY NEIGHBORS.

Corey. He who likes pink and browwwwn. My friend Francine is his mom.


And if that weren't enough to completely sizzle your brain, my neighbor Steve? Corey's dad? Knows Goon Squad Sarah.

Because Steve, it turns out, is Steve from Hygiene Chronicles. I've read him on Blogfathers.


De in D.C. said...

haha, that is soooooo awesome. Is this the right time to queue the theme from Twilight Zone, or would It's A Small World be more appropriate?

Steve said...

God help the other neighbors when they realize how cool we are.

But seriously, if the Gatekeeper turns out to be a blogger that we know, I'm going to crap my pants.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Maybe the universe is trying to tell you that you two were supposed to know each other.

(Maybe he is the ghost from the monitor.)