Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For the Record

Nathan Jr is aware that some of you have requested more photos of him wearing hats and other headgear, and he wants you to know that he thinks that's really immature.
Also pictured: My mother, who thinks putting stuff on the baby's head is mean. But funny.


Jen said...

Oh Nathan Jr I so know you could kick my a$$ but I NEED to see you in more hats!!!

Kait said...

Oh Nathan Jr, you're way too cool for all of us!

Violet said...

He needs a hat - it's way too sunny over there to not wear a hat. So it may as well be an entertaining one, right?

Em said...

His frank expression of disgust with our immaturity reminds me just the tiniest bit of Tony Soprano. Oh, and the shirt doesn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

This post is responsible for at least 10 minutes of lost time.

And a ton, a TON of laughs.

What a tough guy -- and a sweetie to put up with all of your "decoration"!