Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All Electorating and Stuff

I meant to post these yesterday, but didn't have time.
Also, it turns out they are boring and I really don't have anything to say about them. So. . . .yeah, we voted.
Lula was deeply skeptical, as always.

It seems this delay is lucky for you, though, because now you also get the photo of Aunt Bob and me at Happy Hour. The excitement. Can you stand it?
Some photos I wish I'd gotten, but didn't:
1) Bump, Lumpyhead and Lula with stickers on their heads.
2) "This Could Be You" with a Member of Congress

Allow me to explain "This Could Be You." It has become a tradition that if no one joins Aunt Bob and me at Happy Hour, we take a picture of ourselves with some random patron at the bar. It's meant to serve as an enticement for you to come join us next time. "Look how much fun This Random Person is having with us! You could have such an enjoyable time yourself!"

It also serves as a reminder that you're totally replaceable. Don't want to come drink with us? Fine. We'll drink with someone else.

We never post the "This Could Be You" shots because I suppose it's unfair to put a complete stranger's face on the internet without his knowledge or consent. I mean, he probably agreed to be photographed because he thought he was going to luck into some digits, then saw the wedding rings and went back to his beer slightly disappointed. He shouldn't get his face plastered all over the internet just for that.

But last night there were at least two Members of Congress at the bar, who we could have easily convinced to be in our "This Could Be You" picture. And I failed to seize the opportunity. Blast.

(I'm also bumming that we don't have photos of the week we met Anne. She will have to ditch yoga again to come meet us, so we can get a picture.)

So. You coming next week?


MP said...

Was I supposed to vote? Oooo, it's on the calendar..but I didn't get a reminder card..hope I didn't miss anything I cared about.

They let carmeras in the polling place? WTF??

I remember when I used to vote w/ my mom and was in a neighbors garage and they had curtians..and you pulled levers..and my mom got pissed if I moved the curtain cause she didn't want the neighbors to know she was voting republican..the union guys may have axed her..

merseydotes said...

Members of Congress can be so funny.

Michele said...

I remember going in the voting booth with my Mom when she voted for Carter. I got a sticker and some peanuts.

Royal Farms chicken does rock. Dinner is solved.

Em said...

Wow, the year went by quick. It seems like just yesterday you were posting last year's voting pix.

We still have the old-fashioned booths with the levers and curtains, so it is weird for me to see you guys vote "uncovered."

Anne needs to ditch yoga for sure. I can tell you that beer is way more relaxing the sun salutation.

Auntly H said...

I miss the levers and curtain at Eagle Heights Community Center (remember, Em?).
I was thrilled to discover this year that they went back to felt tip pens. We've had several years of filling in ovals with ball points. Voting with a felt tip is much more satisfying (and efficient).

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You are talking to me, aren't you?

nonlineargirl said...

I was willing to overlook the fact that there was no "I voted" sticker in my mailbox, but now that I see there is no sticker-on-head photo either? How am I supposed to go on? Need I remind you of the indignities associated with vote by mail, and how much I was counting on those pictures? Sigh.

Lumpyheadsmom said...

Now, stickers. On one of their heads, at least.

Devra said...

I have removed my head. This should resolve any future headache problems so I can make it to Happy Hour next week.