Thursday, November 01, 2007

No, Lumpyhead

Aunt Bob gave us a copy of the book "No, David" by David Shannon. It's a book about a naughty little boy whose mother scolds him for doing things like playing ball in the house and running down the street with no pants on. Lumpyhead has always loved it. One page of the book features David picking his nose while his mother admonishes him to "Stop that this instant!"

Lumpyhead has begun sticking his finger in his nose while saying "Stop that this instant." He's not pulling out any boogers (yet), he's just shoving his finger up there.

His father is super-psyched about the whole thing. I think it's hysterical.


Beth Fish said...

As long as he rubs his findings on Bump, I think you should encourage him. Everybody needs a skill.

Devra said...

Son One did that too. He stopped picking his nose after we casually mentioned, "You know you're gonna poke your brain if you keep doing that."

Violet said...

Yeah we loved that book. There's another one about the same boy called "Oh, David!", which is also great.

My daughter was very taken with a book by the same author, "Alice the fairy". I blame that book for turning her off brocoli.