Friday, November 30, 2007

Kiss Your Heinie Goodbye

On Sunday Lumpyhead suggested we go to the museum. His proposal went like this, "Go see efelant? Get a pretzel? What do you think about that?"

I'm a little sad that "heinie" is no longer Lumpyhead's word for elephant, but the sudden arrival of "What do you think about that?" is cracking me up. (Heinie! But! Crack! Hah ha ha ha.)

While it is good that my son is learning to speak with words people actually understand, it is still a little heartbreaking to see the funny words go.

When my cousin Dan was a toddler, he called his pacifier his "meat." I thought it was silly at the time, but now I think that is freaking hysterical. (Yes, my sense of humor is actually less mature now than when I was a teenager.)

What special words did you or your kids have for things? Did any of those labels stick long after the toddler started using the correct term?


Anonymous said...

I just took the kids to the dentist. That thing we rode on instead of taking the stairs? The alligator.

(Bloogle insists I post anon now.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and all the kids growled like alligators when we were riding up and down. (Apparently alligators growl.) It was especially funny when we had strangers riding the alligator with us.

Em said...

I don't think it's possible to have something funnier than calling your pacifier your "meat."

Lucy no longer calls herself "Fluflee" but at Thanksgiving all of the cousins were calling her that and it was very sweet.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Claudia used to call polkadots polkanuts. That cracked me up.

That and her pagina.

merseydotes said...

Today, Petunia and I were talking about how much we loved each other when we were apart (aka, "Mama, I love you even when you're on a business trip" - nice guilt trip, eh?) and she said, verbatim, "Speaking of loving each other...what about loving daddy?" And that was hilarious. Not as great as calling a pacifier "meat," but it kind of killed me. So grown up, and only four!

Julie said...

Raisin used to want us to make a "kunta cage" of her blankets every night. It was months before we figured out she was saying "cool, dark cave," a phrase from a Corduroy book.

Anne said...

1) If I ever end up with a child, I'm definitely going to teach it to call its pacifier "meat"!

2) The little boy upstairs calls my older dog Juicy instead of Lucy. That's kind of cute!

Tela said...

My son's not much of a talker yet--he just does the usual suspects: mama, dada, dog, etc. And that's fine with me--that means he's not growing up as fast, right? :)

Although he does make most animal sounds, moo for cow, eow for kitty, ruf ruf for dog.

The horse's sound? "bock bock."

Karin's Korner said...

My grandson calls his pacifier his squishy...don't ask why...we don't know...too funny.

My granddaughter used to call her pacifier her nasty because one day I told her (just joking around) to get that nasty thing out of her mouth. From that moment on she called it a nasty.

Daddy L said...

I'm over 40 but I still refer to the bathroom as a Shit Can.

My parents thought it was cute when I was a child so never corrected me.

Only becomes a problem when I excuse myself during a meeting. I get the strangest looks.

nonlineargirl said...

When I was a kid my sister and I said "fuuf" for "blow on hot food". Now I have Ada saying she needs something fuufed.

tammy said...

Eric used to call boobs hippos. It still makes me laugh!

Devra said...

I need to get over my visual of Julie's child being tucked in with LeVar Burton at bedtime.

Son One used to say "Heloculator" instead of Helicopter. He told me it was "easier to say" He also called binoculars "binoculators."

Son Two referred to his tush as his "butt cack" (we can thank The Huz for teaching him that word during bath time.) And while he did not have a pagina of his own like Claudia, he did refer to anyone's as "Jagina" as in "You have butt cack or jagina?"

Gainell said...

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