Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank You For Calling the House of Vomit, How Can I Help You?

Lula came down with the Blog Jinx Flu last night.

Awe. Sum.

After spewing six times on Tuesday night, Lumpyhead woke up on Wednesday morning feeling chipper and ready to dance the Puppetmaster with Elijah Wood. Lula, on the other hand, woke up this morning - after seven or so good spews during the night - ready to vomit a couple more times.

Bright side? Our living room carpet is already so disgusting that a couple of vomit spots aren't a big deal.

I'm operating on just a couple hours of sleep; it's difficult to concentrate and I find myself having to do the same tasks multiple times.

I left Bump this morning with a toddler chattering non-stop, a barf-scented baby, and two loads of laundry waiting to be taken out of the dryer.

Given the alternative, I think I'm glad to be at work, fuzzy and repeating myself.


Michele said...

The Worst. That is all.

Em said...

No, the worst is when Bump gets it before Lula is better and LHM is left to take care of everyone.

That's how it usually goes down around here.

Girl said...

Gah! Wish it on no one!