Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You Might Not Care What I Had for Lunch, But I’m Sure My Husband’s Colon Fascinates You

Bump’s big precancerous polyp is gone.

Bad news? The doctor found two more polyps, and Bump will probably have to do this again in a couple months. Good news? The chances of him dying from colon cancer by the time he’s fifty are pretty low.

As I said in a previous post, I’m not ready to do the parenting thing alone and I’ve got big plans for our life once we get these damn kids out of our hair. Plus, I’m pretty fond of the guy, so I guess this means you can put my vote in the “definite yes” column for the Are Early Colonoscopies Important question.

Which makes me want to get all preachy on you. Have all your loved ones over fifty had their routine screens? Ask them. If they haven’t done it, don’t stop whining until they schedule.

Plus, you'll get to giggle at them when they're enduring the prep.

Lumpyhead the Helpful

“I’m coming, Dad!”


Anonymous said...

Very happy to hear all is well. I missed the previous post so I am coming in all late and wrong. But good news.

Lumpyhead, just adorable.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Poor Bump. I'm glad he isn't going to die (I like him too) but that sucks that they keep having to mess with his pooper.

Ken and Belly said...

Having a child that cute at his service must have helped. He looks so helpful!

Em said...

Thank God he was willing to go in for that screening! And man, Lumpyhead is v. cute and really looks like you both.

CPA Mom said...

I'm ALL ABOUT the Colonoscopies. I posted about the topic today and also previously about my Colon Cancer awareness tattoo. Thanks so much for helping get the word out.