Friday, September 22, 2006

A New Leaf

My life is about to change in a profound way. I understand that, and I think I'm ready for it.

Dear New One,

I'm excited you are part of my life. I'm not a complete novice, but please be patient with me as I adapt to your presence. Others have told me what it will be like to have you around, but I know my experience with you will be unique and special. They say I will think of you all the time, and will be grateful every day that you've arrived.

I don't understand you yet, and frankly, I'm a little frightened. I will enjoy this period of discovery, as we get to know each other. I look forward to the time when you and I are intimately familiar with one another, when I am unable to live without you or imagine life before you.

Lumpyhead's (and Akutaq's) Mom

Yep, we got Tivo last night.


Anonymous said...

I was reading this thinking "Wow, pretty sappy for this early in the pregnancy...." and then, BAM!

You got me.

PS - Akutag only HOPES you will love her as much as you love Tivo. Tivo rocks. It's crack for the TV lovers. 2am feedings? - much more fun when you get to watch tivo'd "Daily Show".

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I wish I could marry my TiVo.

(I hope Gabe isn't reading this.)

Em said...

Dear TiVo,
When we welcomed you into our home, we didn't realize how much you would change our lives with your presence. At first you seemed so unassuming with your occasional blinking lights. But truthfully, our lives have never been the same.
And although we adopted you as my parents were purchasing a newer model and couldn't care for you any more, we have always loved you as our own. We couldn't imagine our home without you.

Mom at Work said...

Now every night can be "cheezy TV night."

Violet said...

I want one too!

Gidge said...

You sucked me in too, until I got to the end. I had it all worked up to being hormones.
I am married to my Tivo.
I am also married to the PBS Sprout on Demand channel that lets me show Sesame Street ANY TIME I WANT dammit.
Want to get some housework done? Turn on the damn Elmo!

Melissa said...

I adore my TIVO. I think I once declared it my new best friend.

Just found your blog (again I think) from Sarah's. Your son is very cute. Girls aren't so scary, you'll see. I have two and they crack me up all the dam time and they burp better than my husband most of the time.

daddy in a strange land said...

Wait till it starts doing weird things like recording random ass shit (on channels you don't even have, natch) because, based on its analysis of your recording habits, that's what it thinks you like.

And then there was the time that TiVo, which has to call in to the mothership for instructions since we don't have broadband cable, tried to call in while we were on the phone to each other (me at home, la dra. at work). If we ever are told that people tried to call but didn't get us, or we have voicemail but no caller-ID record of a call, it's "Damn TiVo!" La dra. actually named our TiVo--he's "TiVo Dan." ;)