Monday, September 18, 2006

Out of Control

Doc and Nana V came over on Saturday afternoon, and we went out to an early dinner at an Afghan restaurant near our house. It's been so wonderful having them close by, and I'm going to miss them terribly when they move to New Orleans at the end of the year. Local grandparents are such a luxury.

Nana V arrived with two toys for Lumpyhead (they both make noise - lots of noise), an armload of adorable clothes for him, and no less than seven outfits for Akutaq.


With matching hats and socks and bibs and blankets.

Less than twenty-four hours after we knew what Akutaq's gender parts would be, the Grandmother Gravy Train arrived in full force. Nana V admitted she was waiting at the store when it opened.

She told me today to be on the lookout for a box from Janie and Jack. She described the coming items as "fancier than the things I brought - more for 'dress up.'" Apparently the velvet dress with striped leggings is just for lying around the house.

I'm very grateful (a bit embarrassed by the excess, maybe) and a little worried. We may have to get a bigger house just to store all the girl baby stuff headed our way. We've gotten several promises of scrumptiously cute hand-me-downs. We've been warned that Aunt Bob's father has been waiting for an excuse to buy cute dresses ever since his daughters grew up; he bought dresses for Aunt Bob's Little Guy before we knew he was a boy (both Aunt Bob's dad and I were certain - certain - that kid was going to be a girl. Oops.) The Minnesota and Maine grandmothers haven't even started their engines yet. Neither Bump nor I are above the "oh my god that's so cute we must have it" impulse purchase. We bought this coat for Lumpyhead five months before he was born.
We're so screwed.


Gidge said...

Unbelievably JEALOUS at the iminent arrival of a pink one at your house.
I'm afraid I have to hate you now.
(kidding, congrats.)
It's important to teach her to accessorize early.

Melissa said...

You will definitely need an extra house for all the girl stuff. Might as well buy two, really.

Also? I LOVE that coat on Lumpyhead. I hope you still have that around for Akutaq (or maybe I'm the only one who thinks boys' hand-me-downs are cute for little sisters? But they are, they ARE, I tell you).

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Do you need a black onesie with a skull and a tutu on it?

I've got one for Akutaq.