Monday, September 11, 2006


As you've probably heard, there's a third Manning. Cooper, two years older than Peyton, is a oil and gas broker in New Orleans. He was a third-string quarterback in high school, who switched positions to become an all-state wide receiver. As a senior, he caught passes from his hotshot sophomore little brother. A spinal disease ended his football career before college.

How do you suppose he spends his Sundays? Yesterday it was easy, but do you think he normally frantically switches between the Colts and Giants games? Does he split-screen his brothers' matchups when they play in the same time slot? Does he Tivo one and watch the other live? Does he admit to the Tivo'ed brother that he was relegated to non-live viewing?

Or do you think he ignores football altogether, because it's too painful for him? Does he spend Sunday afternoon alone in his den, reading energy periodicals and weeping silently?


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

He probably spends his Sundays picking up sluts by telling them that Peyton and Eli are his brothers.

Don't feel bad for Cooper. He can probaby get tickets to anything.

He'll be laughing his ass off when he's 40 - has a job, and can still function on a day to day basis without pain medication.

tammy said...

I think he's crying because they keep showing stupid home videos of him on tv. Oh wait, that's why I was crying.

Mom at Work said...

I think he's crying because his name is Cooper. (Which is totally more normal than 'Peyton' or 'Eli,' except that it's not the name of an NFL quarterback.)