Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thai Coup Haiku

A few tanks and no
violence make for a peaceful
bloodless takeover.

Why dick around with
an electoral college?
Sieze power instead.

You got one? Bonus points if you can rhyme Shinawatra or Phuket.


E :) said...

There once was a girl from Phuket
Who unfortunately fell in a bucket.
She got up real fast,
But that didn't last,
So she simply exclaimed "Oh F*ck it!"

There once was a guy named Shinawatra
Who had a terrible mantra.
She never gave thanks,
But loved Thai tanks.
Which totally ruined her chakra.

Do I still get points even if my poems are terrible?

E :) said...

Damn. I changed sexes half way through the second poem! Change all shes to hes and all hers to his! LOL! I need more sleep to increase my desire to proofread...

Kemp said...

Keep in mind I've only had one cup of coffee this morning... A 5-7-5 Thai Haiku, by Kemp

Shinawatra gone
in a King approved tank coup
and with no spilt blood

Phuket is happy now
with dancing in streets now common
nothing rhymes with Phuket

Wow... that sucked...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I don't know, I thought the Phuket rhyme writes itself.

Does Shinawatra rhyme with Sumatra?

(The "dick around" line is my favorite)

nonlineargirl said...

Trip to Thailand planned
Big check is due by Monday
Let's check the news first

(My parents are planning a trip for november. They have to pay next week if they are really going. My mom is a bit nervous.)