Friday, September 08, 2006

Bits and Pieces

1. Save an hour and a half of crying at around 1:30 in the morning, Lumpyhead's re-ferberizing went okay last night. I can say that because Bump dealt with it all. I was in bed, asleep, the whole damn time. I once half-heartedly offered to go in and pet Lumpyhead while he wailed, and was relieved when Bump said he had it covered.

I hope things go better tonight. You know, for Bump's sake, because I plan on being a useless POS again.

2. It seems like all the cool kids are describing their fantasy football lineups, but since I don't have a team, I'll tell you that seeing Daunte in a Dolphins jersey last night just seemed wrong. It was like running into that guy from the bar -- that guy who's always trashed and slurring his words and a little too huggy -- at work, when he's sober and wearing a suit and giving a presentation about something dull. You recognize him instantly (the leg kick before taking the snap; the scrambling ability, even though it's a little slower after knee surgery; his general bearing behind the line) but he looks out of place. Out of his element. (In aqua and orange? In number 8? What?) And you just feel, well, kinda sorry for him.

As sorry as you can feel for a guy who makes a lot of money and took a wild boat ride with some hookers.

3. I'm scheduled for a sonogram next Friday. Unless something scary pops up, we're going to find out the sex. Finalize your wagers by then.

Lumpyhead mocks both those interceptions, Daunte.
The photo is from January, but Lumpyhead knew even then. . .


Mom at Work said...

Lumpyhead has cursed Daunte. We all know.

Jill said...

My husband, who feels that Daunte got screwed in Minnesota (and not on that boat), drafted him as his QB on his fantasy team. He is bummin' that it didn't go so well for him.

I'll bet boy # 2 for you.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Daunte will do better next week. I'm not a Dolphins fan, but I feel obligated to root for anyone who went to UCF.

Mommy at Work is about to owe me some eggs. Or was it sausage? Whatever she has to cook for me when you find out it is a girl.

(I suggest the name Sarah. It's lovely.)

nonlineargirl said...

I'm thinking boy. "Thor, smiter of men" is a good name. Or Ada (even when she's in a pink dress people still think she's a boy).

Gidge said...

When I had my FIRST ultrasound with my first baby, my husband was so nervous when we were in the room that he didn't pay much attention to the doctor and the technician getting the machine all ready to go. (ie. typing in info to the machine).
It was an internal ultrasound, and when she inserted the probe and turned on the monitor, he says "oh my god how does that thing know your name?"

Mom at Work said...

I think you (read Gabe) will totally be cooking me sausages. No eggs for you.

Baby gus is totally a boy.

tammy said...

I am finding it difficult to cheer for Dante & curse the Dolphins at the same time. Stupid Dolphins.

I also think Sarah would be a great name for her...