Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Make That Four Varieties of God I Now Have to Ignore to Get a Mimosa at Aunt Bob's House

There are lots of churches in my neighborhood, large brick buildings with bells and hordes of worshippers. There's a Catholic church and a multilingual Baptist congregation at the end of the street, and a big Greek Orthodox church a few blocks away. We often vary our usual route home on Sundays to avoid the traffic tie-ups around the parking lot entrances.

I learned this weekend that there are actually four churches in the neighborhood. What I thought was overflow parking for one of the churches - and a huge pain in the butt because there isn't room for two-way traffic when cars are parked along the narrow street - is actually parking for church #4.

Except it's not so much a church as an altar in a garage.

That's kind of weird, right?

Bump suspects it's a cult of some kind, and wonders if one needs a permit to operate a ministry in the garage.

I assume it's an overgrown Bible study, for an underserved sect of a major religion.

But we're totally calling that road the Cult-de-sac now.


NG said...

In my neighborhood, the old Post Office moved to a bigger building and the old building was purchased by a church. They've never done anything to identify the church in any way; there's not even a sign outside or of lettering on the building. So we just refer to it at the Church of the Post Office.

Violet said...

Its very trendy around here to renovate an old church to live in. Now, it seems, the churches are fighting back...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Maybe it is a new chapter of Cullenists.