Monday, May 04, 2009

Friday with Lula, Round II

My plan to take Lula to the Powhatan Springs Park on Friday was foiled by threatening rain, so we went to the Natural History Museum again. Unfortunately I told Lula we were going to see "water" before assessing the weather situation, so got peppered with questions about "water" all the way to the Mall.
Lesson Learned: Do not talk about the place you are going until you are absolutely sure you are going there.

I found a Kojak parking space on Independence Ave and dodged a bullet by taking Lula to the Sculpture Garden before the museum. The Sculpture Garden has a fountain. Hence "water." I let her throw a pretzel goldfish at a duck, and the damn thing followed us around - fixing us squarely with his evil duck glare - until we left.
Lesson Learned: Don't feed the ducks.

After the museum, where we saw the bugs and the elephant and the lion as Lula demanded, we rode the carousel. Lula had a fit when the ride ended, but the fit stopped immediately when I suggested we go again. She got off her horse, stepped away from the ride, and promptly forgot about the carousel.
Lesson Learned: LYING PAYS OFF.

When we got home and Lumpyhead returned from preschool, Lula happily announced that she went to the museum and the water. Lumpyhead cried because he didn't get to go.
Lesson Learned: It's never too early to lord your special day over your brother.


Fran said...

All very important lessons!

She is so danged cute!


kenandbelly said...

kids in bright colors like those make for such fun photos!

Oh, you make me miss DC!

Em said...

Your showing your natural, instinctive parenting skills by knowing she'll "forget" to ride the carousel again. Sucks when that stops working.

Also, love the Oldenberg sculpture.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Must. Lie. More.

mo-wo said...

They never don't pay attention when you want them to.

From me on a sort a double negative kinda day.

jodifur said...

I just wanted to say it was great to meet you!

De in D.C. said...

Oh, those pigtails are so danged cute! Bravo for not cutting the bangs; you're almost there.

Was great seeing you again last night!

nonlineargirl said...

The sculpture garden seems like a great place to go with kids. I only went as a childless person, but even then it seemed like a good idea to bring kids. Now who's all great on the kid outings, miss living-so-close-to-lots-of-fun-things?