Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering What Is Up

Thanks to Jessica, Bump and I took Lumpyhead and Lula to their first real movie on Tuesday.
Hey, you know what? My kids are too young to go to the movies.

It started out promising. Lumpyhead yelled "Look at that big TV!" when we walked into the theater. (Then he added, "I know how to spell TV. Tee. Vee." Our little Poindexter is very into "spelling" right now, and next he graced us all with his ability to spell DVD. He's brilliant, I tell you. Brilliant.) But keeping their yaps shut for the movie was tricky for both Lumpyhead and Lula. Then, about three-quarters of the way through the movie, Lumpyhead started whining because I wouldn't let him lie down on the floor.

(Note to Regal Cinemas at Gallery Place: you have the cleanest floors I have ever experienced in a movie theater. You also have very nice seats, with moveable armrests that can be placed out of the way so a whiney child can lie down across his mother's lap, instead of on your very clean floors. Thank you.)

Lula complained pretty much non-stop that she didn't want to be quiet, so halfway through the movie Bump took her out to get popcorn. She was silent throughout the entire popcorn-buying voyage, only to return to the theater to shout "I DON'T WANT TO BE QUIET."

Bump didn't get to see much of the movie. He was disappointed about that, because he was very excited to 1) see Up and 2) get in on an advance screening.

But I saw the whole thing, and it was great (although young children probably won't understand much of it).

I had this idea - which I admit is stupider than dirt - to take the kids to a dinner theater while my parents are here. I think Lumpyhead would love a musical, my parents would actually love dinner theater and find a Pennsylvania Dutch buffet scrumptious, and we would have to take Lula if we were taking Lumpyhead - because she would throw a fricken fit if we tried to leave without her.

I presented this idea to Bump as "perhaps the dumbest idea I have ever had," an assessment with which he readily agreed. Then I got to the part about him staying home with Nathan Jr while I undertook this Bad Idea and he was all "Wait, I get a night free of Lula, Lumpyhead, and your parents? And I don't have to go to a dinner theater or eat Pennsylvania Dutch food?" and he decided this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

But after our experience with Up, it is clear that Lula would be a disaster at a dinner theater. But honestly? I'm still thinking about taking Lumpyhead.

Sorry if you have the misfortune of being seated next to us.


bozoette said...

Upon entering the movie theater for his first movie, my SonnyeBoy yelled exactly the same thing Lumpyhead did, only he didn't spell it afterward. He got up to leave about an hour in - if I'd been smart, I'd have let him go - um, make that gone with him.

Laura said...

That sucks. I'm sure it's hard to tell when they're ready to handle a movie. I took my friends kids once and only once. They were definitely of age to sit quiet in a theater, but it was bathroom break after bathroom break. If one had to go the other didn't...until after we got back. Then it was the other's turn. When we left they told me the movie was great...I didn't see any of it.

Although I do agree, "UP" was a great movie.

Aunt Bob said...

I hope you enjoyed it

Violet said...

My daughter's first (and only) big-screen movie was Madagascar 2. I was surprised that she was quiet all the way through. It might be different if I tried to take her to a Film Festival movie though...

Mamma said...

All the singing and dancing at the dinner theater? Lula might be entranced...

Frankly, the idea of you at a dinner theater just cracks my ass up.

ShallowGal said...

I was 4 rows ahead of you and my only complaint was that I didn't know where you got the popcorn.

xoxo, SG