Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm Not the Math Whiz in the Family

Last year for Mother's Day I made little video compilations for the grandmothers and burned them to DVDs. The grandmothers loved them, my sister-in-law demanded a copy of her very own, and it was a nice (cheap) and very personal (also cheap) Mother's Day gift.

This year I was exceptionally slow on the uptake and started compiling the video on Monday. After several days of squinting at my computer and frantically editing home video, I finished the damn thing this afternoon. I researched shipping options and chose to send the DVDs using the post office's Express Mail.

I decided to burn seven DVDs. I would ship three to get there by Saturday (to my mom, to Nana Vicky, and to Bump's grandmother), and send the others (to Bump's mom, who will be traveling this weekend; and to Bump's sister, who can get her Mother's Day DVD on Monday, goddammit, she's a mother but she ain't my mother) via regular mail. One DVD for us, plus an extra for . . . something = seven.

With ten minutes remaining before the last pickup of the day, I pulled the third DVD out of the burner, ran to the post office, and spent $17.50 per DVD to mail the gifts. Pricey, sure, but cheaper than FedEx or UPS. Plus, with Saturday delivery, the DVDs would definitely get there in time. I figured $17.50 was still a pretty cheap Mother's Day present.

I got back to my computer to finish burning the remaining DVDs. I finished the session and seemed to have . . . um, five DVDs.

Help me out here, but factoring in the three I already burned and put in the mail, I'm pretty sure that five is one too many. I'm reasonably certain I just spent over fifty bucks to ship two fabulous gifts and one blank DVD.


vuboq said...

Isn't Mother's Day next week?

Em said...

Doh! That's totally something I would do. That is, if I wasn't totally lazy about such things in the first place.