Monday, August 18, 2008

Two Weeks

I keep thinking of that scene in Total Recall where the fat lady keeps repeating "Two weeks," while her face contorts into twisted expressions and she claws at her mouth. Her head corkscrews off to reveal the Governor of California, then explodes.

Except for the governor thing, that's a lot like how things are going around here.

It occurs to me that if Bump had an office job, a two-week paternity leave would be pretty generous and he would have gone back to work today.

(Keep bringing that up if you really want to make this fat lady's head explode.)

I suppose if that were the case, we would have the two other kids in daycare. I'm really enjoying being home, but must admit that sometimes "the other two kids in daycare" seems like the best idea anyone has ever had.

Mr. Dimples had his two-week appointment today; he's regained his birthweight plus a few ounces. Things are going well, but we will be much happier when his nighttime sleep sessions last longer than two hours.

The nurse practitioner was pleased with the baby's condition in general, but is deeply concerned that the child doesn't have a blog name yet.


Violet said...

Sounds like a competition is coming...

Michele said...

Dimples. What is wrong with that?

merseydotes said...

Are you looking to continue the L's? Since he does look so much like the other two, that makes sense. I like Lastcall.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I maintain Ender should be his blog name.

...unless you guys are having more.

Em said...

Blognames are like baby books. Everyone knows the third one gets screwed.

mo-wo said...

Yeah Mr. Dimples.


ps. of course it would be nice if you let Sarah name the baby tho' didn't I say she was the fairy blogmother?