Thursday, August 14, 2008


Guess who has a belly button? Señor Squishyface has a belly button!

I'll spare you the whole "sniff, sniff - this is the last time I'll pass the milestone of having a baby's umbilical stump fall off" because honestly? An umbilical stump is kind of gross.

(Also, WAAAH! My baby is all growns up and can have a tub bath already. WAAAAHHH!)

What he does not have, yet, is a blog name. I'm working on it.

Oh, I also have two other kids.

This seemed like a great idea to fill the time while Bump ran an errand. But the sprinkler is in the back yard and the faucet is in the front, and while I was turning off the water Lumpyhead and Lula found a mud puddle. Mayor McNewNavel chose that moment to wake up and wail pitifully. When I tried to get Lula out of the puddle, she screamed like I was yanking her fingernails out.

It was then that I realized I am really, really bad at this, and I should probably not be left alone with three children.


De in D.C. said...

I'd like to nominate 'Lenny' as the wee-one's blog name to keep with the theme.

Love the pic of the tormentors. I would have just let them play in the mud puddle though (I think I'm worse at this than you are).

Em said...

Mayor McNewNavel is incredibly cute.

Fran said...

You two make some beautiful babies!


mo-wo said...

Let them be dirty. I say just go with the mud puddle!


That is a pretty picture of him. Till I saw that pretty picture I must confess I was calling him Lumpierhead.

And, hey, did you know I just realized your blog name is I. Well aren't you just the coolest cat ever. Where's your long coat?

SUEB0B said...

I think you could shorten it to Mayor McNew!

Ken and Belly said...

Also, guess how has a dimple? OOHH! Squish!

Julie said...

The world is not designed to make it easy for mothers, especially those with more than one child. One kid, at least, is always going to be getting away from you.

xdm said...

Wow! A belly button. The next thing you know you're gonna be yellin' "these ones are gettin' too big ta cuddle!"