Sunday, August 31, 2008

Avoiding Couples Counseling by Writing the Date on Some Damn Masking Tape

I've begun labeling things in the refrigerator.

I'm not obsessive, but Bump and I don't overlap much right now. Someone is up with the baby 24 hours, with each of us trying to get at least six hours of sleep. While that technically means we are both awake at the same time for 12 hours a day, those 12 hours seem lost in wrangling three kids and mediating disputes and feeding and cleaning up and baths and toys and laundry and bedtime. It might be 12 hours, but the topic of when I put those peaches in the fridge doesn't seem to come up.

So labeling things is one way to communicate information that would easily get lost in the shuffle.

I'm trying to prevent the scenario in which I stand in front of the fridge yelling "What the hell happened to those peaches I put in here yesterday?" only to have Bump reply that he thought they were two weeks old and threw them out.

Granted, losing leftover peaches is hardly a disaster. But lack of sleeps lends itself to me muttering about the wastefulness of throwing away half a can of perfectly good peaches and Bump thinking I'm a moron for complaining about 79 cents worth of fruit when he was up with the baby until 4am, goddammit, here's a dollar to shut the fuck up about it.

It's not much, but it makes me feel like a genius.


vuboq said...

"here's a dollar to shut the fuck up about it" made me laugh out loud (srsly!).

thanks. I need laughs :-)


Em said...

You are such a Libra. But if you can solve a problem that easily, I'll stop hassling you and may even offer you a dollar.

Anonymous said...

It's the little things that bickering fights are made of, and so if you eliminate those little things, it really does make a difference. -dq

p-man said...

You ARE a genius. You can also use the tape to mediate those disputes.

nonlineargirl said...

Any little thing that prevents melt-downs is genius. Can I put my daughter in the fridge if I label her? (Cranky toddler 9/3/08)