Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Whenever I'm asked "What would you like for [occasion]?" the first thing that pops into my head is "Time to myself."

Then I feel guilty about it.

But if by some act of charity, or stroke of luck, or multiple dollars paid to a babysitter I DO get some time for myself - away from the kids - the first thing I do is miss the little bastards.


Aunt Bob said...


ktjrdn said...

Happy birthday!

And also? I think it's becasue you don't really want time alone, you just want to be able to enjoy the kids without being responsible for them. At least that's what I want. {shrug}

Michele said...

OMG - ditto, a million times over. I take a business trip and after revelling in a good nights' sleep, I literally start counting the hours until I can run back home to the little jerks.

And I just read the other comments - Happy Birthday!!

Julie said...

Um, happy birthday, I guess!

Try to push the guilt and missing-the-kids stuff aside and have a good time.

Violet said...

But it's nice to have the luxury of missing them, right?
Happy birthday.

Devra said...

I'm here to absolve your sorry ass. : )

Now, go forth and enjoy!

Devra said...

I didn't even pay attention to the date on this post. I should have been here over a week ago to absolve your sorry ass.

you have permission to kick my ass.