Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Their Name is Rio and They Lay the Carpet Down

I'm home. I can report that the past few days have been almost as crappy for Bump as they have been for me. His days certainly involved more manual labor, but mine required just as much endurance.

One of my colleagues gave up half of her bachelorette weekend (her husband and six-year-old son were out of town) to babysit my children. With generous help from Aunt Bob, Pete, Sarah and Mark, Bump moved stuff to storage and got the apartment ready for the painters.

Carpet is the next hurdle. Bump spent all morning calling around to schedule estimates.

We decided not to use a place called Rio Carpet in Gaithersburg. Bump was annoyed when he couldn't get the Duran Duran song out of his head, and I ruled them out because I was sure they would just lay a strip of carpet down the middle of the room and leave.


Anonymous said...

Damn you for making me laugh out loud at work. "Oh, the crazy lady in the cubicle is at it again..."

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Do do do do do do. Do do do do do do.

E :) said...


Or worse still, they wouldn't lay any carpet and tell you that "this is how everyone does it these days."

p-man said...

I wish I had a Duran Duran reference available... how about Roberto Duran?

Em said...

I'm sure Bump was just as glad to see you as you were to be home!

bozoette said...

Ah, the Brazilian rug!