Thursday, March 06, 2008

In My Head, I Pronouce "Debut" as "Dee-Butt"

Can you believe it? Tom Hanks was on the Hill yesterday, yet CSPAN-3 still covered our hearing from start to finish.

Our tech guy marveled at around 11:30pm, "There are still 40 people in the audience." Then he added, "Don't these people have homes?"

So, yeah. I was on TV.

Bump Tivoed it, which was nice, because it meant the tormentors got to see me this week.

Apparently my big fat head showing up on our living room TV pissed Lula right the fuck off, just like everything else does.

Lumpyhead thought it was neat, though. Then he immediately asked Bump when he could see Papa on the TV.

Great. My son sees me for the first time since Sunday, and asks to switch to the Daddy Channel instead.


This is the only time I have honestly thought, "Wow. We really need to get a smaller TV."

There's a video link on the CSPAN site, but it's probably temporary and has my full name in it, so . . . If you're dying to see it, email me and I'll tell you where it is.


Melissa said...

Look at that! Your head's on TV! (I mean, I assume that's your head. I guess I don't technically know that to be true, but I'm thinking it's your head. Nice head. Good job.)

Ben said...

At least C-SPAN 3 doesn't broadcast in hi-def.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I need to see it.

I already know your full name.

*evil laugh*


The part about the Daddy channel broke my heart.

Em said...

Seeing the screen shot of your head on TV is wonderfully awesome! I need to see the link too, and I promise not to e-mail you back and ask where I can see video of Bump.

Xdm said...

Oh! Send it! i have a friend who is like, Secretary of the Senate or something. We send her dirty emails to her blackberry while she is live on CSPAN. She has this subtly hand gesture/code for "eff you." Fun, DC style!!!

Becky said...

Send me the link? I wanna see it.

E :) said...

You're so hot right now. Zoolander style.