Saturday, March 15, 2008

Something You Might Want to Keep in Mind When You're Buying Underwear that You Know is Going Straight to the B-Team

On Thursday night, my very nice Sioux Falls cabbie was gracious enough to stop at a drug store en route from the airport to the hospital.

I felt some time pressure -- with the cabbie waiting and the store closing in 15 minutes -- but knew it was imperative to find the right style of underwear. When pregnant, low-rise is pretty important. And it was as tricky as you might expect to find non-granny panties in a Lewis Drug Store at 9:45pm.

I was pretty psyched when I found an acceptable style - two packages, even. I snapped those suckers up and ran back out to the cab.

When I got to the hotel, I realized I had bought the wrong size.

I was crushed.

After I showered a mere few hours later the next morning, I chose small underwear that was clean over previously worn underwear that fit.

Internet, let me tell you this: If you're going to buy underwear in a size too small, get these.


They may have been hanging on for dear life, but those panties did not ride up, bind, or cause any discomfort at all.

Yesterday I was able to buy some underwear that was clean and the right size. I considered buying the Hanes microfiber again -- so impressed was I that the weensy-sized ones were performing so beautifully -- but I was skeptical the correct size would work as well. Instead I bought the stuff I normally wear, and today all is well in the World of Underpants.

So you can rest easy again.

(Oh, and my dad is doing well. He didn't need a valve replacement, had a triple bypass, and is in good spirits. His heart function is still worrisome, but he's certainly out of the woods. Thank you so much for all your good wishes.)


Ken and Belly said...

OMG I grew up thinking Lewis was like the mecca of shopping (Target? Shopko? The MALL? My mom=HATE). Now I see that it's just a bunch of cheap crap and overpriced staples for sale at (what is it now, 8?) convenient locations.

Glad your dad's okay. They're supposed to be pretty good with heart issues there. :)

Em said...

Just so glad to hear you say LHGF is out of the woods.

Underwear comments duly noted.

nonlineargirl said...

I'm glad your dad is doing well, and yes, that the underwear worked out well.

Melissa said...

Glad to hear everything is well in the world of underpants and heart valves!

Mamma said...

Girl you just crack me up!!!

Can't wait to see you at the BOSSY roadtrip stop.

bozoette said...

So glad your dad is recovering well! As for the panties, when the underwear isn't funtowear, it's the only thing you can think about. So yay for that too.

merseydotes said...

Just catching up Glad to hear your dad is alright. Sounds scary.

Also, thanks for the tip on the Hanes.

E :) said...

Look who they've got their Hanes on now...

Glad your Dad is ok. Phew! And despite the awful circumstances of you having to travel so quickly, I think it's very ooh lala jet-setty to hop on a plane with only the clothes on your back.