Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sasquatch Saw My Family's Carbon Footprint and It Scared Him So Bad I Think He Peed Himself

No kitchen = no dishwasher.

Also no sink.

We have to fill the Brita with a cup because the pitcher doesn't fit in the bathroom sink. I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten that I need to fill the water pitcher before I fill my glass, and I'm left with no method to fill the pitcher without going out to find another cup, which, goddammit, I just wanted a drink of water.

Bump and I are using disposable plates, cups and flatware.

I swear we would be giving Lula disposable bottles right now if we could. Lumpyhead usually only gets juice in a box when we're on the go, but he's now getting most of his juice from the vessel called a "Don't Squeeze It!" Does Solo make a sippy cup? Don't you think it was time they got on that?

You know what else? We're not recycling right now. We can't get to the second trash can/recycling bin, so we're just tossing away our recyclables with the regular trash.

With all the demolition-related noise, Bump often takes the tormentors out of the house for the day. If they fall asleep in the car, Bump sometimes drives around until naptime is done.

Bump drives an SUV.

I feel really bad about all of this. I don't hate the environment, really I don't, but you try washing a day's worth of dishes in your bathroom sink and see how fast you dive for the paper plates.

My little Dutch soul has come to terms with all the take-out and restaurants. I tell myself it's temporary, part of the cost of renovation.

But here's my cheapass, wanna-be-green quandary, Internet:

Bump and I have a very old - nearly useless - desktop computer. We call it "The Anchor," because it's so ancient my office tech guy says that's all it's good for. We plan to transfer the data from The Anchor onto an external hard drive, trash the machine, and import the data onto a sparkly new computer to be acquired sometime after we move into our sparkly new house.

I know I'm supposed to bring The Anchor to some special place and pay a fee to throw it away. (I also know I'm supposed to do something special with batteries, but honestly, I've tossed more double-As into the trash can than I can count, not out of malice, but because I always forget.)

This computer thing, though, is vexing me. Going through tons of extra effort and then paying someone else to dispose of something confounds me. It's a computer, not a body.

But I probably owe the environment at least $15, a penance for the plastic forks.


Aunt Bob said...

According to your county, they will take the computer for free. It's the monitor (and its lead-filled deliciousness) that will cost you.

Beth Fish said...

I don't want the computer, but I'll ditch a body for you for the low low price of $10, and for that kind of cost savings, I think you ought to consider my offer.

mcfartingtons said...

There are some plastic disposible sippy cups. I've seen them at Target.

Also, contact local schools or teachers (especially in low income areas) & see if they want the computer. Most teachers I know would be happy to let the kids use "the anchor".

Auntly H said...

Also, keep your eyes open for free "e-cycling" days in your area. They have them around here sometimes. There's tracking of such waste and if companies whose stuff is getting dumped pay to help get rid of it safely, it's a lot cheaper for them than paying the fees for the tons of nasty stuff dropped at a landfill. I don't really get the details of this, but there are days when you can drive your SUV filled with personal electronics to idle in a line to get rid of them. Until they get so much, they close a day early, that is....

Violet said...

I figure I'm doing a good thing to reduce carbon emissions, by not being able to jump on an airplane and fly to some lovely holiday destination.

Ken and Belly said...

Dude- use the tub faucet for the Britta! :)

Mamma said...

Try finding an efficient car when you need to fit three car seats across?

Oh yeah! If you owe the environment $15, I'm going to have to sell my house.

Em said...

Dump the anchor in the river where it belongs.

At least you don't like to hoard your plastic plates and forks out of shame. Then you would really have a problem.