Friday, March 28, 2008

For Display Only

Does this range say "Do Not Fuck with Me" to you? Because it kind of says that to me. As you know, I'm not a great cook, and now this beauty is sitting in my kitchen, intimidating me. Honestly, I think I would be less dangerous with those two blow torches the contractor left behind.

We moved back into our place, although I'm not certain it can be called "inhabitable" yet. The carpet is finished, and the painting is done everywhere but the kitchen, but there is no semblance of order and everything is dirty.

We finally got appliances and a working kitchen sink yesterday. I'm having trouble adjusting to the mindset that I have a normal kitchen again; I still grab a plastic cup by default and take the less-convenient path to the kitchen, assuming the fridge is still blocking the hallway.

Oh, and Bump left yesterday for L.A. Can you believe that? He just off and left me, with no furniture to move and a grandmother in place to help with the kids. We assume he's coming back on Sunday, but I can't say I'd blame him if he stayed away a few extra days.

So, yeah. Nana is here. She cooks. She goes grocery shopping. She provides child care so I can go to work. And she arrived with presents.
It's a Buzz Lightyear bubble blaster.

Lumpyhead kind of likes it.


Mamma said...

Oooh I'm coveting your new stove--and I don't really cook either.

And let's just give a big cheer for grandmas!!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Soooo pretty.

I am so glad Lumpyhead got something Buzz. When he came over here he asked me about Buzz almost immediately. I felt like such an asshole when I had to tell him I threw it away because Ian wouldn't clean it up.

He probably thinks I am a monster.

Em said...

Have fun with Nana!

Violet said...

I'd leave that stove alone. That way, keeping it clean will be really easy.

nonlineargirl said...

Nice, but definitely too good for actual cooking. Guess you'll have to order out. Or there is always the microwave.