Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And They're Out

I dropped my parents off at the airport yesterday without the usual tears and gnashing of teeth.

They had an early morning flight, and had to peek in on Lumpyhead before they left. My mother would have been okay to leave without the last look, but my dad insisted on seeing the little man one more time, and they were quiet enough to sneak out without waking him.

Usually by the second day of a week-long visit, my mother is already bemoaning the fact that the trip will be over in “just five days.” This countdown continues until the day they leave, when I ferry my eerily silent parents to the airport.

This time, even she couldn’t really dwell on the end of her trip, because she’ll be back in just a few weeks. So instead, my mother constantly lamented how hard it will be to leave next time, when she has to say goodbye to two grandchildren.

It’s always something.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

You should have like 8 kids just to spite her.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I don't think *any* of us, particularly Bump and LHM, could take 6 more pregnancies -- or, for that matter, sextuplets!

laurie said...

congrats! and happy new year.

i had a dream about some friends of mine last night. he's korean. in the dream, their baby's name was lumpyhead. welcome to my subconscious!

ken_and_belly said...

My good god! I think our mothers are twins. Does she call home "God's Country" (as in, "Welcome to God's Country" or "When are you coming back to God's Country?") to boot?

parentopia said...

Add me to the list of having a mother who thanks me "for a wonderful visit" practically as I am picking her up at the airport.

Maybe she balances my father and his wife because just as they put their fork down at breakfast they are asking "So, what are we going to do for lunch?"

Devra said...

why did my comment do that? The previous "parentopia" comment was from me "Devra".

also known as "not a tech person".