Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Easy Cheese

My friend Joel, the World Champion of Medieval Catapult Firestarting, sent me a link that outlined the contents of Easy Cheese. There's nothing like a description of embalmed cheese to really get me excited. And did you know that the fluted piping tip on processed cheese food is not just to make the cheese look pretty? It also serves as an Idiot Guard, so if you place the tip directly on top of the cracker and squeeze, the Brilliant Canister of Yum will still dispense its wonderful goodness.

Damn. And here I worried I'd have nothing to post about today.

Now I need to find some damn easy cheese. And some crackers. It's also remarkably good on tortilla chips. And apples.


kelly said...

Hi, found your blog thru CrazyHipBlog Mamas, and wanted to leave a comment, cuz you mentioned you love comments!

We have a lot in common! I'm pregnant with number two (34 weeks), I have a two-year-old son, my husband's a stay-at-home dad, I'm Filipino and my parents are ... white. Oooooooh...

And I like Easy Cheese! That article is hilarious, read it last week in Wired magazine. Yum.

I like your blog. Stop by and say hey if you get bored.

Mom at Work said...

Don't forget the chickin in a biskit crackers. {{shudder}}

Jess Riley said...

Canister of Yum. I love that phrase!

Gidge said...

Chicken in a bisket with Easy Cheese on it is my A#1 depression food. Give me that and a 2 litre of RC and I can rock the house in a state of zombie depression.
I once lived on that for three days when my cat of 18 years died.
I wish I had some damn chicken in a bisket RIGHT DAMN NOW!