Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Baby's New Tricks

Lumpyhead can say Mama. Consistently. And he seems to be referring to me when he says it. I’m considering this a big milestone.

When Bump or I tell Lumpyhead that we love him, he responds by saying “Mama.” I’ve taken this to mean one of the following:
1) He equates love with me. Yay.
2) I often follow “I love you” with “Mama loves you” so he’s starting the next line in the litany.
3) “Mama” can also be interpreted as “Right back atcha, babe.”
4) He has no idea what Mama means and is just throwing the term about willy-nilly.

He also clearly and reliably says “Spongebob,” but only when he means Spongebob. I’m trying not to be offended.

Lumpyhead has started shaking his head, which sometimes means “no” and sometimes means “I want to shake my head vigorously back and forth and possibly fall down.” He grins when he does it, but is very peeved when you misconstrue the headshake as no when he doesn’t mean no. Like when you ask him if he wants a grape and he shakes his head so you don’t give him the grape and then he’s all “Where’s m’damn grape, Woman?”

Last night’s new trick: signaling “touchdown.” It sounds very cool but sadly, in practice, the trick is actually sing-songy and annoying. I ask, “How big is Lumpyhead?” and trill “SOOOOO big!” when he raises his hands above his head. It’s something my mother used to do, and the sound I make when I say the last part splits my eardrums and bugs the crap out of me. But it’s awfully cute to see the boy tramping about the house with his arms in the air.


Daddy L said...
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Daddy L said...

Baby tricks! Cool! About the only thing my son can do consistently is crap his diaper.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Teach him to signal false start. It will be hours of entertainment.

Justin (Tammy's son) use to do tripping, and he would knock himself over every time. It was priceless.

Violet said...

My daughter loves it when I smack my palm against hers and say "Hi 5!". But then she's just as giggly if I simply poke my index finger out and let her grab it.

stefanierj said...

Touchdown. We gotta work on that one.

Auntly H said...

I think "SOOOOO Big!" is why my parents want a grandbaby so badly. They really miss playing that with me. Sometime they try with the dog, but Loyd really doesn't get it.