Friday, March 26, 2010

I Is Relly Smart

I have grumbled for years that DC drivers can't cope with weather. Morons drive around in snow with no clue what they're doing, going way too fast or way too slow. The smallest bit of rain inevitably snarls traffic. I can understand why snow would be a problem, but why is rain so hard?

It occurred to me for the first time this morning: it's probably not the precipitation, it's probably the extra drivers on the road.

If it's an option, people who might otherwise walk or bike or take public transit get in their cars when it rains. The ten or fifteen or twenty dollars (or whatever it costs these days. I work on the Hill, remember, I'm supposed to be out of touch) to park your car in the office garage is worth not having to wait for the bus in the rain.

Has this been obvious to everyone else, for like, forever? You can get back to me on that, because now I'm busy investigating Pope Benedict's religion, if the sky is indeed up, and whether or not bears defecate in forests and other wooded areas.


kenandbelly said...

FWIW, yes, I was far more likely to drive than take the metro on rainy days when we lived there. I thought the traffic was that bad every day until I had to drive to campus on a sunny day and got there in record time.

Anonymous said...

Yu relly are smart.


Violet said...

Yeah its like that here and our roads don't even get snowy or icy. The rain comes and all of a sudden the roads are packed with people who normally walk or bus to work.

Michele said...

Uh, yes. Speaking as someone who spent an extra 20 minutes of precious morning rush time dropping my kids off at Pre-K, rain brings all of the slow Bus Mom's out of hibernation.