Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Work is crazy, Nathan Jr was sick, and I'm still trying to get my head on straight from our vacation.

The kids' passports inexplicably arrived on time and without incident, a happy coincidence Bump and I are still marveling over. Good thing, too, because we needed them exactly ZERO times on the trip.

The tormentors loved spending time with their cousins, enjoyed the ports of call, and adored the on-board children's program (supervised on-board kid activities - i.e. "drop 'em off and have a few hours to yourself" - Bump and I were big fans, too).

Other than the seasick, I had a great time.

Can't say I enjoyed the seasick.

But! Did you know that the Tampa airport has a great children's play area? Well, it does.

Entertaining the monkeys at National Airport

Entertaining the monkeys at the Tampa airport.

The Tampa airport totally wins.

So, to recap the lessons learned on this trip: 1) use Tampa if your travel plans take you to Florida and 2) being seasick sucks.

(Yes, I suspected I would get seasick. In the past I have remedied seasickness by being drunk or asleep while on a boat. I tried the behind-the-ear scopolamine patch this time, and I did not feel disgustingly nauseous between the vomiting episodes, so I guess the patch worked.)


Anonymous said...

For seasickness, I have had success with Sea Bands - they are a little wrist band with a knobby bit that presses into a pressure point on your wrist. (Sure it might be all in your head but at least it stops me from feeling sick!)

kenandbelly said...

Good to know about TPA. It looks like it could rival PHL's, which is also good.

Becky said...

TPA is awesome! And, hey, that blue slide-y thing looks new. Hmm. Must be time to get back to Tampa. ;)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I know the codes to all of the keypads in TPA. I had an ex that used to work there. They still worked the last time I tried.

(Hint: The year Columbus sailed the ocean blue.)

nonlineargirl said...

I don't know if this is your area, but if you get a chance could you make sure that health reform passes? It would make my job a little easier if you could.

Violet said...

I suffer terribly from seasickness. Those little pills work, but they do zonk me out and sometimes make me nauseous...

Em said...

Sorry to hear about the seasickness! But I'm glad that you at least got to *go* on the trip, since for awhile didn't you think you'd have to work?

Tammy said...

I tried the ear patches one time, it actually made me sicker. The label even states "may cause nausea and vomiting".

I'm glad it was an otherwise fun trip!