Monday, March 22, 2010

Cruise Ship Haircut

Nathan Jr needed a haircut badly. It was only $15, so we got it done on the boat.
This is Nathan Jr with his grandmother, before the haircut, looking scraggly.

This is the lovely woman who gave my baby his first haircut.

She was very sweet, and very worried about making him cry.
He wiggled and squirmed and we juggled and bounced, but lo, he did not cry.

And it looked pretty good.

Even the next day.

Until it got wet. 
(Nathan Jr took an unexpected dip in the pool on our first shore excursion. Unexpected for me, that is. He very much meant to go in when he did.)

A few minutes later, starting to look a little . . . off.

Three days later, looking like a hot mess.

There were whole sections the very sweet boat stylist missed. The back pieces that tend to stick up stuck up at vastly differing lengths. He reminded me of Kate Gosselin. I tried to even it out a bit myself, but it was clearly a disaster. Nathan Jr didn't cry during his first haircut, but he got a lousy haircut.

What? Really?

Yesterday I resolved to fix that catastrophe on Nathan Jr's head.

This is the committed professional who fixed my baby's first haircut.

This stylist wasn't so worried about the child crying. She wasn't crazy about it, but she was more concerned about giving him a decent haircut.

The result was impeccable. Nathan Jr cried the whole time.

He cried the second we plopped him into the chair. I held him on my lap and he threw a fit. Afterward I took him outside to try to calm him down and he sank to the concrete sidewalk and wailed. He screamed while I paid the Committed Professional (and tipped her mightily for the hazardous duty). He wept all the way home. He sobbed while I gave him a bath, which was necessary because no mere cape could contain the hair clippings that flew while he fish flopped, red-faced and angry.

Perhaps I was mourning the loss of my wonderful, wonderful hair, Mother. Did you ever consider that?

It's impeccable, but it is very, very short.

Drooleykins, the Buzz Cut King of Molarville


Violet said...

Boy, Nathan Jnr sure has grown up. I'm not too fussy about my daughter's haircut - which is why her fringe is always quite crooked. At her age it's still charming.

Anonymous said...

That dude gets cuter everyday.