Monday, June 22, 2009

Miss Sellaynie

Hey, did I tell you that we're moving on Friday? Well, we are. It's exciting.

Nana is here and Bump and I have been able to pack in earnest. If last night is any guide, "pack in earnest" for me means fill a few boxes and almost reach my stated goal for the evening, before getting totally distracted by old video of the kids and waste two hours staring at the computer.

(Also, the footage of Lula's first few moments on the earth really got Dot's motor running. "Baby! Baby! Must have another baby!" she screamed at me. I managed to shut her up by reminding her that Lumpyhead woke up at 5am squealing about a wolf trying to bite his hand and Nathan Jr woke up at 6am for his regular "FEED ME SEYMOUR" moment. Dot will soon realize that Measures have been taken, and unless this IUD goes and I-U-DOESN'T, she's not going to win this argument.) (But she still tries, bless her heart. Her crazy, hormone-fueled heart.)

I would estimate that we're about half-packed. Which means the following:
1) We have a lot of stuff out that we don't seem to be using.
2) At any given moment, something we really need is in a box somewhere.
3) Very soon we will reach that stage of packing where you throw everything you see into a box and label it "Miscellaneous."
4) Which is followed very closely by that stage of unpacking where something you desperately need is in one of those twenty-two boxes marked "Miscellaneous."
5) I'm sitting here at work, thinking about all the stuff I could be doing at home.

Like writing "MISC" on some boxes.


kenandbelly said...

Oy. Moving suuuuuuuuuucks. Into a bigger place? Dot's gonna have a point if you're gaining another bedroom. ;)

Em said...

Yes, moving sucks. What more is there to say? It sure is nice when you get all those misc. boxes unpacked though.

I'm not crazy, just well mixed! said...

We moved in January and I still have boxes marked "Misc." I don't dare go into them, I'd then have to be responsible for determining where all that "Misc." stuff should live. Good luck.

PS. Once Stella arrives, Dot is more than welcome to come over and satisfy baby cravings - especially at 3am. More normal times will require a payment of beer.

bozoette said...

Joe actually did throw stuff into boxes and label them "Misc." It was funny for the first 5 boxes. (And I promise not to tell him I'm kidding about the hotness and hooters.)