Friday, June 05, 2009


We hadn't moved Nathan Jr's crib from the newborn height, because:
1) I like it high. I'm short, so it's much more convenient to have the crib at the highest setting. I can place the baby down gently, rather than dropping him from 3" above the mattress.
2) We're moving soon. In like, weeks. We will have to take the crib apart and reassemble it then, and we planned to put the mattress at a different level at the new house. (We're not lazy, see. We're efficient.)

But we knew that Mobile Baby was not long for the current crib setting. Bump and I both worried Nathan Jr would catapult himself onto the floor. (Not worried enough to do something about it, of course, but more like a nagging concern that would make us yelp "I knew he was going to do that!" right after he face-planted out of his crib.) A couple of days ago, Bump found Nathan Jr trying to climb the curtains above his crib, so the crib mattress was immediately reset to the lowest possible setting.

And EVERY. TIME. I walk into the room where Nathan Jr is sleeping, it looks to me like he has fallen into a hole.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the lower setting on the crib as well. And my drop-down side is broken, so it's stuck in it's up position. Yeah. BabyMuffin gets dropped into the crib every time.