Friday, June 12, 2009


Given Bump's reaction to my last post, I feel I should state firmly: I do not want any more children.

I thought I made that clear, but apparently I did not.

Maybe it was hard to gather that, what with the "crazy" and the "hearing voices" and the "WOW that was a long way to go for one stinking Raising Arizona quote."

I am done. We are done. Baby Shop (Shoppe?) closed.

But the point of the post was that even when you are done having babies - when you are COMPLETELY SURE you are done having babies - sometimes, you still want one.

Even when you know you don't.

Oh, and Dot is totally wrong about the cuddle thing.


Anonymous said...

I so completely and totally hear you.

Auntly H said...

for real?

Anne said...

But if you just *happened* to get knocked up again ...


Violet said...

But you make it sound so easy to have 3!